Free trial session (Monday-Wednesday, 4pm-7pm)

Easy online joining process

Open for members every day of the year, from 5am to 11pm

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About us

Welcome to Kuntokeskus Liikku, a network of more than 30 fitness clubs around Finland. Our aim is to make sure that all working out is fun, rewarding and straightforward for all our members. After all, as we say, ‘the best workout is the one you’ve done’.

Work out your way: all Liikku clubs are open from 5am to 11pm, every day of the year. Members have access to high-quality equipment, a spacious gym with great ventilation, and a choice of membership options.

Choose a no-contract membership for €29 per month, or save money by choosing a whole-year membership for a single payment of €300. (Both options are also subject to a one-off joining fee of €29.)

Want to give yourself even more choice? Gain access to all Liikku clubs for an additional €5 per month (for monthly memberships) or by paying an extra €50 on top of your whole-year fee.

Try before you buy! Find out if Liikku’s the one for you by coming along for your free trial workout session (available Monday-Wednesday between 4pm and 7pm).

How to join

It’s easy to sign up online at (note the main website is in Finnish only). 

All you need is a Finnish social security number and a Finnish bank account.

1.    Choose your home club and select your preferred type of membership.

2.    Fill in your personal information.

3.    Use your online banking service to pay the joining fee, along with your first monthly payment (or the annual fee if you’re paying ahead for a full year). Other payment methods can also be used, including credit card, Mobile Pay, Smartum and ePassi.

Liity jäseneksi = Join the club
Kaikki keskukset = All clubs
Toistaiseksi voimassa oleva = Open-ended
Vuosijäsenyys = Fixed-term annual membership
Valmennukset = Training programmes
Etunimi = First name
Sukunimi = Last name
Henkilötunnus = Social security number
Katuosoite = Street address
Postinumero = Postcode
Paikkakunta = City
Matkapuhelin = Mobile phone
Sähköposti = Email
Verkkomaksu = Online payment

  • Staff are available at the club Mondays-Wednesdays from 4pm to 7pm when you are welcome to have a free trial workout
  • Monthly membership is an ongoing no-contract membership (subject to one month's notice of termination)
  • Annual membership: 12-month commitment, paid in advance for a whole year
  • Monthly membership is an ongoing membership that is subject to one month's notice of termination. Annual membership is a fixed-term membership with 12-month commitment.
  • All memberships and membership cards are personal and may not be transferred, given or leased to another person under any circumstances. In the case of any such misuse, Liikku reserves the right to terminate membership immediately and charge a penalty fee of €200.
  • Persons under the age of 18  can join Liikku with a guardian's permission. Minimum age for a membership is 13 years.
  • Liikku reserves the right to suspend or terminate membership due to unpaid fees or inappropriate behaviour. For memberships suspended due to unpaid fees, the member must contact Liikku (at to organise an agreement to pay off outstanding fees and reactivate the membership. If this process is not followed, Liikku has the right to pass unpaid fees to a debt collection agency.
  • Once a membership has been continuously active for 12 months it cannot be paused, other than for reasons of pregnancy, military service or severe health conditions. Annual membership fees are paid in advance and therefore cannot be paused or extended.
  • Exercise is undertaken at your own risk. Gym rules and gym equipment instructions must be followed at all times. Please note that staff are not always present in the gym. Liikku accepts no responsibility for personal injury or material loss or damage. Members are responsible for organising their own insurance.
  • Members must inform Liikku of any changes to their name, phone number or address.
  • Liikku reserves the right to review and amend the fee structure at any time. Any such amendments will be announced to members via the newsletter and on Liikku’s website.
  • Liikku retains the absolute right to change these standard terms of agreement. Up-to-date terms of agreement can be found at
  • Liikku holds no responsibility for the refund of any member fees in the case of the temporary closure of a Liikku club, or a part of it, due to necessary maintenance work or other corresponding reasons.
  • Liikku is not responsible for any insurmountable obstacles that prevent or limit members’ ability to use the clubs. These include events that Liikku could not have foreseen or prevented with reasonable measures of caution. Such events include, but are not limited to, wars, epidemics, pandemics, internal disorder, natural disasters, common disruption to transportation or telecommunication systems and strike action.
  • After joining you can use these methods to pay your membership:
    • Invoice (e-payment agreement recommended)
    • Gift card (insert your gift code in OmaLiikku)
    • Excercise benefits (Smartum, ePassi, Edenred, Eazybreak)
    • Please note that credit card or cash are not valid methods to pay your monthly fees.
  • We strongly recommend setting up an e-invoicing agreement with your online banking service. Without this, you'll receive a paper invoice which will incur a €5 billing fee.
  • Due to invoicing policies you always need a Finnish social security number in order to join the gym
  • If you don’t have a Finnish bank account, send us an email to

Types of membership

After joining

Once your membership has been activated you will receive an email with a six-digit PIN code. This code is valid for 72 hours and allows you to pick up your membership card from the card vending machine at your Liikku club (opening hours 5am-11pm).

Don’t worry if you don’t make it to the club within 72 hours – you can still pick up your membership card from Liikku staff (any time Monday-Wednesday between 4pm and 7pm).

Your membership card can be used to gain access to the gym entrance, the gate and your locker. It also allows you to make purchases from the snack vending machine if you have an existing e-invoicing agreement.

(We strongly recommend setting up an e-invoicing agreement with your online banking service. Without this, you'll receive a paper invoice which will incur a €5 billing fee.)